MRC500 soldering platform for robotic soldering


MRC500 soldering platform for robotic soldering from above is a free-standing machine cell. Our design engineers purposes-built the MRC500 for soldering applications then standardized the design. We purpose-built our own platform so we would not need to compromise functionality based on the limitations of third-party equipment. Standardizing the design offers three primary advantages. It is well-proven, available faster, and costs less than-off custom designs. Although the design is standard, it is highly flexible. We designed the mechanical structure to work with a wide range of process equipment, material handling, and guarding systems. In its basic configuration, the MRC500 is a free-standing, semi-automated machine. At the other extreme, we can outfit it with SMEMA conveyors, collaborative robots, turntables, and many other systems.

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies

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