MOBISTEK Mobile Road Pavement (MRP) is a composite product which consists of glassfiber reinforced plastic and filling materials. Typical application: short-period installation of temporary roads and floorings for construction activities amidst severe soil and geographic conditions including swamps of I and II types construction of temporary passways and floorings for construction activities for protection of herb stratum on top soil construction of service lanes and platforms during construction and installation activities on main pipelines temporary passes over various distribution lines use in elimination of emergencies. MRP MOBISTEK-80 composite slabs are best-performing on water-logged soils, swamps of I–II types, exhibit positive buoyancy, can sustain machinery weighing up to 80 tonnes; MRP MOBISTEK-ECO slabs are best-performing if used as substitution for ferro-concrete slabs on hard bases, the slabs can sustain machinery weighing up to 120 tonnes. Rapid...

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