The fully-modular concept allows you to react to new requirements at any time. You'll benefi t from an optimum cost/performance ratio and long service life. • Integrated Linux environment (LXC) • Network segmentation by port partition in up to 5 IP networks • Firewall in VPN tunnel e.g. for delimiting remote accesses • Several VPN tunnels can be used in parallel (virtual routers) • Flexible administration with profile manager and user roles • High performance for broadband networks and fast VPN data rate • IT security: VPN, stateful and MAC firewall, configurable messages upon security events, Linux-based • Configuration via web interface, CLI, SSH, Telnet or text file, intuitive quick start wizard • Quick start for INSYS VPN Service MRX3 LTE • Ethernet module with LAN ports • LTE module with integrated power supply • 2 digital inputs (1x PLC-capable) • 1 free slot for MRcards - Do You Have Questions? Please send us your inquiry!

EDI, Electronic Data Interchange
  • Professional Router with LTE
  • Remote Maintenance Services Condition Monitoring Edge Computing
  • IT Security through VPN Firewall Full NAT VLAN Network Segmentation

Product features

Fully-Modular 4G/LTE-Router IPv4/IPv6, DHCP-Server/Client, DNS-Relay
Ethernet-Switch (LAN, WAN) 5x RJ45, 10/100 Mbps, Full-/Halfduplex
Redundancy by WAN Chains Several WAN Accesses Configurable
Redundancy by WAN Groups Parallel Operation: WAN Interfaces/VPNs
IT Security Stateful Firewall, also in VPN Tunnel
VPN OpenVPN Client/Server, IPsec, GRE
Full NAT IP and Port Forwarding, Netmapping
Authentication User Roles and Rights, RADIUS
Event-Driven Actions Profiles, E-Mail, SMS, SNMP, MCIP, etc.
Inputs IN1: low-activ, IN2: high-activ (PLC)
Configuration (Switchable Profiles) Browser, CLI, Telnet, SSH, ASCII, binary
Linux Containers (LXC) for Applications icom SmartBox for Customer-Specific Apps
Operating voltage (redundant supply): 12 ... 24 V DC (±20 %)
Power Consumption typical ca. 2.5 W, max. 8 W
Temperature range -30 °C … +70 °C (max. +75 °C)
Mounting / Protection Class DIN Rail TS 35×7.5 / IP40, IP30
Dimensions (WxHxD) 82 mm × 117 mm × 99 mm (4.5 HP)
GTIN (EAN) 4022892000438

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