2V cells from 119Ah to 525Ah. Advantages Long life under cycling use Up to 1500 deep discharge cycles Extended topping-up intervals Maximum charging efficiency Minimal positive growth Improved safety against accidental contacts

  • batteries
  • 2V cells from 119Ah to 525Ah
  • MSP
  • Long life batteries

Product features

Positive plates Tubular plate with lead selenium grid alloy (Sb < 2%) and woven gauntlet
Negative plates Flat pasted plate with lead selenium grid alloy (Sb < 2%)
Separators Polyethylene separator sleeve on positive plate
Container White translucid Polypropylene
Lid Opaque dark-gray Polypropylene
Electrolyte Dilute solution of sulphuric acid SG 1.260 ± 0.01 at 25°C
Electrolyte reserve Maximum availability over the plates
Terminal Posts d24 with M10 threaded insert
Posts sealing Sealing bush on HQ post finishing
Vents Flame arrestor ceramic vents fully tested in compliance with UL standard (option: Flip-top version)
Plates suspension Bottom supported with sediment space
Inter-cell connectors Fully insulated copper
Terminal hardware Fully insulated steel


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