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MT8000 PowerWheel® - Metal welding press

The torsional welding process opens up new possibilities


PowerWheel® opens up new possibilities PowerWheel® uses a new type of movement pattern for the sonotrode, which is excited by a torsional oscillator. The welding action is carried out in a rocking rolling movement directly at the weld. This means that the maximum amplitude is always at the centre of the weld area and the power output can be precisely focused. With the PowerWheel® it is possible to weld the weld nodes in flex wire connections higher and narrower by up to 30% without losing strength. Likewise, high-strength welding can be achieved with the thicker terminal connections. With the PowerWheel® it is possible to save material, construction space and costs. MT8000 PowerWheel® metal welding press The robust MT8000 PowerWheel® metal welding press guarantees maximum process control. Different welding modes and trigger types facilitate optimum ultrasonic welding of large cross sections.

Metal industrial presses
  • Metal welding
  • wire splicing

Product features

press capacity 8 kN
welding performance up to 10 kW
wire welding 160 mm² copper and 200 mm² aluminium

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MT8000 PowerWheel® - Torsional Ultrasonic Welding System

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