MTC 250

Ultraprecision turning machine


The ultraprecision turning machine (UP-Turning machine) MTC 250 (Micro Turning Center) has a lightweight construction of the moving parts and thus enables the machine axes to be used in a dynamic mode (Slow Tool). This machine is our standard machine with the smallest footprint. The travelling distances of the X- and Z-axis are 250 mm and provide the machining of workpieces up to 500 mm in diameter. The MTC 250 is based on a T-shaped natural granite bed. X- and Z-axis slides, as well as the housing of the main spindle are made of granite too. Both slides and the optional B-axis use hydrostatic (oil) bearings. The main spindle features an air bearing and is mounted to the X-slide. Besides many other accessories, that make the MTC 250 an all-purpose tool, there is the possibility to make customized solutions, to adapt the machine to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Turning - steels and metals
  • ultraprecision turning machine
  • high dynamic

Product features

max. travel range 250 mm

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