MULTI HEAD ULTRASOUND SCANNER WIRELESS BLACK AND WHITE POCKET ULTRASOUND PROBE SIFULTRAS-8.5 COMES WITH ONLY ONE OF THESE HEADS : --> Technical Specifications : Platform : Android, Window Modes : B, B&M, 2B, 4B Gray level : 256 Transducer Frequency : 2-11MHz Linear - Convex 64 Elements - 128 Elements Depth : 40mm ~ 200 mm Max scanning Depth : 310mm Imaging Processing Pre-processing : Cloud processing technology Fine blood flow imaging, high sensitivity Gain Dynamic range Persistence M Soften Noise suppression Post-processing : Image enhancement Gray map Pseudo color map Left/right reverse Up/down reverse Function Operation : WiFI connect to any Android or Window System XP. 7. 8. 10 Cine-loop : Based on the memory of the Android or windows device. Zoom : Max 10 times --> Measurement and calculation: B mode : Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length, distance ratio, area ratio, histogram M mode : Distance, time, slope, heart rate Color / Power / PW mode : D velocity, D trace, PS/ED A

Medical tests
  • multi head ultrasound scanner wireless black and white pocket ultrasound probe sifultras-8.5

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