The newest invention for digging potatoes and loosening the soil, the STALK potato digger. Allows you to take the load off your back, no need to bend over or squat. Reliable and very convenient, very easy to operate. Consists of a working part made in the form of a frame with a t-shaped handle attached to it and two flat knives directed downward , a movable part made in the form of a fork of flat knives and a pedal attached to them. The principle of operation is simple, we put the potato digger on the garden bed, press the foot on the pedal of the fixed frame, the digger's fangs enter the ground, then we press the moving part pedal with the foot, while the fangs of the moving part of the digger rise from the ground, loosening it and pulling potatoes or other root crops to the surface. After that, you can sift the rest of the soil from the digger, pull the T-shaped handle up, shaking the digger with short movements, while the potatoes will be sifted out and remain on the surface.

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Product features

Weight 3.8 kg
Length х Width х Height 60 х 26 х 15 cm


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