Up to now, screw anchors, expansion anchors, resin bolts or threaded rods have been used for securing wood components to concrete. The MMS-TC from HECO® offers an alternative to these solutions. It consists of a MULTI-MONTI® concrete thread combined with a wood thread for fastening wood components. First drill a hole of the correct diameter, drive in the screw anchor with a electric screwdriver or drill, this allows the small head to be driven deep inside the timber. This means that just one length of screw anchor is required for all wood thicknesses. The load application in wood is verified by means of Eurocode 5.Here, the bend verification as per ETAG 001 Annex C, which is required when using conventional anchors, may be dispensed with for shear loads when using the MMS-TC. In addition to higher tensile loads, this also permits significantly higher transmissible shear loads, which moreover do not depend on the thickness of the component.

  • Concrete screw
  • screw-in anchor
  • wood-concrete connector

Product features

Head form Cylindrical countersunk head
Recess T-Drive
Thread Wood-concrete-thread
Material Carbon steel
Diameter 7,5 - 12 mm
Length 100 - 160 mm

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