The new generation of screw anchors MULTI-MONTI®-plus is distinguished by greater efficiency, superior strength and a wider range of applications. The key feature of the new design is the optimised concrete thread with a larger effective surface area in concrete, which considerably increases its load-bearing capacity. Strengthened toothing on the screw tip makes the MMS-plus both easier to drive and less susceptible to wear. The larger external diameter, at both tip and load-bearing thread, ensures improved undercutting in concrete, which in turn permits higher loads. The future standard version of the MMS-plus will be a hexagon head with fixed washer. The range also includes numerous versions and a wide choice of diameters and load classes. HECO has put together an outstanding portfolio of approvals for the MMS-plus, which opens a wide range of applications for the user, and provides a high degree of flexibility and reliability.

  • Concrete screw
  • screw-in anchor
  • dowel

Product features

Head form Hexagon head / countersunk head and more
Recess T-Drive / hexagon
Thread Concrete thread
Material Carbon steel, zinc plated
Diameter 5 - 20 mm
Length 30 - 320 mm

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