MX 16 - Compact Controller

Compact digital or analog controller - one input,


The MX 16 is a compact digital or analog controller, one input, low-profile controller that continuously monitors gas detection, like: O₂ CO₂ CH₄ H₂ GPL Specially designed for applications in MRI room, laboratory, storage, small boiler room, and breweries or battery charging rooms, the MX16 measuring unit prevents the risks of explosion linked to the presence of toxic, anoxic and explosive gases in the ambiant air. Small size, ease of installation and use are the main strengths of the plant. Used with the OLCT 10N O₂ and CO₂ digital sensor series or any other O₂, CO₂, CH₄, GPL and H₂ analog sensor, the MX16 guarantees you a solution that complies with French and European standards. Easy to install: requires a power connection, a cable between the control unit and the detector (supplied with the Easy Duo). It does not require configuration software (factory configured)

Gas detector-controllers
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