Politubes offers a unique spiral wound continuous polyester heat shrink sleeve. This sleeve is supplied in rolls of several hundred meters. Its aim is: •Reduce noise by various decibel in universal motors •Protect rotor magnets against dust extending its life •Compact rotor surface where there are grooves fixing rotor balancing This hi-tech tube is produced with a spiral wound technology without any overlapping of layers; it offers: •a perfect roundness of the tubes that is the only way to guarantee the rotor balancing ; on the other hand overlaps of layers will cause the rotor unbalancing where is the overlap of layers that of course may cause many problems to the motors •to avoid breaks and ruptures in the overlapping areas after the heat shrink process It is supplied with very low thicknesses thickness ranging between 50 and 75 micron, wound on rolls of several hundred metres long to reduce transport costs.

Sound insulation materials
  • Spiral wound
  • Noise reduction
  • universal motors