Less disruption and damage to surfaces worth conserving (road surface, water courses, railway embankments etc.) and minimal restoration – giving economic advantages Low social impact because, diversions, half-sided barriers, traffic signal facilities etc. are avoided Acknowlegded pipe installation technique Short setting-up times - short installation times The dynamic impact when ramming can shatter obstacles and easily overcome difficult starting resistance after standstill periods. The aiming accuracy is improved because the dynamic impact penetrates various soil formations within the diameter range and obstacles do not have to be displaced or pushed aside in one piece No jacking abutment, no auger cutter required, which could get jammed The soil core remains in the pipe during ramming, i.e. no rush of water when rivers or areas with a high water table are undercrossed Minimal ground covering, i. e. no large-scale pits Simple operating technique Adaptation to all pipe diameters with

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