Machine vision
industrial vision systems  - ICM


The integration of one or more machine vision systems allows to set up automatic controls of the feeding and production of parts, ensuring the accuracy, repeatability and traceability of the control. The vision software analyzes the captures images, makes a decision on the action to be performed (e.g. ejecting a non-compliant part etc.) and transmits this information to the other workstations. ICM features a complete laboratory for vision systems for performing in-house feasibility and capability controls and thereby define the vision systems who suite perfectly your requirements (black/white, color, low /high resolution, matrix /linear). For example, we can set up systems for the following controls: - control of compliance: size, presence, ... - sorting of parts - recognition of marking or color - search for moving parts for a tracking robot ICM integrate Cognex and Keyence equipment, but depending on your specifications, we can install any other vision manufacturer.

Machine vision system
  • industrial vision
  • Automation - systems and equipment
  • quality control
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