USE : Cleaning of the ballast as needed under the track. (for tracks with wooden or concrete sleepers) ADVANTAGES : Economical Machine for ballast cleaning work on the track, in the station, etc ... - DEUTZ 150 KW diesel engine - 173 HP - can be transported by truck on the site work. - Ballast cleaning efficiency 35-40 m./hour - Maximum depth of ballast under the sleepers = 20 cm - Start-up time = 20 min. by 3 Operating Agents - The clearing of the soils can be made on wagon in adjacent track, or on wagon in front of the machine. - This machine is ESSENTIAL FOR ALL MAINTENANCE TRACK WORKS, avoiding the complete dismantling of the track (Rails + Sleepers) - The putting into service and TRAINING are insured by our After Sales Service. - Weight : about 10 tons - Reference : KGM-4

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