This Machine allows the Grinding of the Rail Corrugation (The Guiding Database being the up-running Surface of the Waves Rails). It is equipped with Different Ø Cup Grinding Wheels, as the type rail to grind. ENGINE : - HONDA 4-stroke Petrol Engine - Type GXV-160 - Displacement 163 cm³ - 4.3 HP (3.2 W) GUIDING ON RAILS : - 2 Ramps equipped with 12 Rollers each, mounted on Water-Tight Ball Bearings, circulating on the Running Surface of rail to grind. - 4-Side Guide Rollers on the Internal Sides of rails. GRINDING ADJUSTMENT : - Inclination Adjustment of the Grinding Wheel on the Transversal Bar-Guiding. - Depth Adjustment of the Grinding by a Driving and Screw Control on one of the both Guiding Ramps. TOTAL NET WEIGHT : - 58 Kg (Complete Machine) GRINDER Type Ø Cup Wheel (mm) N-16-A N-16-B N-16-C N-16-D (Tramway Gauge) 52 mm 72 mm 115 mm 150 mm

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