HYCUT SE 12 is a high performance machining and spindle oil based on synthetic ester oils. The product outperforms by its versatility, high material compatibility and ageing resistance.  Recommended for demanding machining operations such as deep drilling, thread tapping, honing and CBN-grinding  A wide range of applications even on hard-to-machine materials (e.g. aluminium alloys)  Outstanding lubricating performance results in low tool wear and increased machine productivity  Excellent washing and wetting behavior ensure clean parts and machines  Easy to clean with aqueous media (self emulsifying)  Compatible to HYCUT –system

Steel & Metal Transformation

Product features

Concentration unmixed as machining oilViscosity 13 mm²/s
Foaming characteristics excellent
Material compatibility Grey Cast Iron, Steel , Stainless Steel , Aluminium, Non-ferrous metals, Hard metals
Application range grinding, honing
Productfeatures Mineral oil-free

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