A good magnesium supply affects the well -being directly, because 300 magnesium-dependent enzymes make magnesium the metabolism manager of all cells. Organic Magnesium citrate is bound to proteins. This way it is absorbed much better and therefore does not act as a laxative. In addition, it binds most acids. Supports/Is good for Stress, anxiety, nervousness Insomnia, irritability Fatigue, poor stamina, lack of energy Muscular Cramps Concentration Headaches Rapid heartbeat, heart failure Arrhythmia Angina pectoris High blood pressure Diabetes Pregnancy Area of use Cardiovascular System, Sports, acid-base balance, nervous system. Recommended dose During the initial phase replenish the empty magnesium store 3 times daily with 2 capsules with liquid (4-6 weeks). After this phase 1 capsule three times Contents: 100 XXL capsules Magnesium, the mineral of inner peace, improves the oxygen supply to the heart, lowers blood pressure and promotes calcium absorption into the...


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