Magnetic Couplings


Magnetic Couplings specifically for Polyurethanes process. general informations The GMDO is a permanent magnet designed to transmit torque thanks to the magnetic field established between the inner and outer rotor. The use of magnetic couplings is recommended whenever it is necessary to hermetically separated two zones in order to prevent fluid or gas leakage from an area to another. An example application is fluid transfer pumps. In this applications the fluid must not come into contact with the external environment. The magnetic coupling also prevents the transmission of vibrations and axial / radial loads to the drive shaft. . Main benefits: No fluid leakage Maintenance free Reduction of vibrations Possibility to limit a maximum torque Some example applications: Application on low pressure foaming machine Application on MDF wood gluing machine Application on high pressure machine for polyurethane Application on storage plant Application on Mixer Main technical data The...

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