Magnetic Positioning Aid - Provides stability whilst working from ropes



Abfad Limited have developed and patented a Magnetic Positioning Aid, for use with rope access techniques. This Magnet System allows the rope access technician to securely lock and anchor themselves into place on any ferrous structures to counteract the forces which would push them away, giving them the stability needed to carry out required work with confidence and precision. Use of this Magnet System provides a clear advantage to productivity, increasing the speed of work. Abfad's Magnet System is designed to be a long lasting high quality item and is constructed from 316L stainless steel to the highest specifications. Abfad’s Magnet System also has a great number of applications in a wide range of industries outside of rope access. PLEASE NOTE THIS DEVICE IS NOT A LIFE SUPPORT MECHANISM AND IS USED FOR POSITIONING AND STABILISING ONLY, ROPE ACCESS TECHNIQUES ARE STILL NEEDED WHILE IN USE.