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Magnetic Tape

supamag® magnetic tape - when when quality and performance are paramount.


Flexible in nature and application, supamag® magnetic tape is used across many industries for mounting material or items directly to steel or other ferrous surfaces. Where a ferrous surface is not present, supamag® magnetic tape can be used in conjunction with our adhesive-backed steel tape to provide a surface to which the magnetic tape will grip. Typical applications include magnetically mounting printed media or signage that can be changed quickly and easily. We can bond a range of adhesives to the non-magnetic face of the tape to suit the intended application. For more information please visit the adhesives page. All of our supamag® magnetic tape is UV coated on the magnetic face as standard, preventing the tape from marking the media or product to which it is applied as well as the individual handling the tape. This is especially useful to the print industry where it reduces the need to reprint due to printed media becoming marked and unusable.

Magnetic tapes, computer
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