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Magnetic and Electrical Signal Measurement Sensor - EMMS

Measurement of magnetic and electrical signals with STL's unique 26 bit ADC's


For measuring electric and magnetic fields the STL's unique 26 bit ADC pioneers works in an underwater system. In addition to deployment and recovery the chain configuration by a single cable used for power and data transmission uses three or more sensors platforms are fully connected to the base station. Environmental and pressure sensors use an ultra low noise isolation preamplifier, and the analogue sensor front end is formed by 3 pairs of UEP Carbon electrodes. The 26-bit analogue to digital converter is what the digital part is based on with a novel high end performance. Geometry compensated signal output through the consequent digital signal processing provides temperature. To achieve the software alignment the tilt sensors are used to achieve the precise settings with a pair of high resolution electric field vector components.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
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