Manhole cover lift mini for professionals


The MINI LIFTPLAQ is an handling tool allowing the handling of small size street manhole covers and plugs designed for professionals of dry and wet networks. Simple to use, its adaptable handle improves the handling during the different interventions. The intervention is complete, the MINI LIFTPLAQ can be unhooked from the covers and plugs by pushing down in the ooposite direction to allow the piston release the plate. There is no need for maintenance and is not submitted to any checks. This system, equipped with a powerful magnet, allows the small size covers and plugs to be loosened without touching them. The MINI LIFTPLAQ consists in a mechanical assembly.  It is equipped with a magnetic device allowing firm prehension of the covers and their handling. This tool is usable for dry and wet networks. Characteristics Lift the small size covers or plugs easily,effectively and with complete safety due to handles and its powerful magnet

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