EASY POWDER by EUROTEC MG400 gun is used for manual powder applications for general industrial markets. Combined with the GCU 400 controller and its exclusive “Total Energy Control” (TEC) system, it ensures optimum powder charging in all conditions. Easy to use High performance and reliability Economical Performance The operator learns how to use the unit very quickly and is reluctant to change after using it. Integrated generator power ensures good electrostatic efficiency. Easy and simple 'switch on' - spray gun is good for complex part operations Air supply on deflectors inside the nozzle - no accumulation of powder Productivity Superb penetrating capability (particularly in difficult corners). Optimized electrostatic charge for exceptional first pass efficiency. Disconnection system for cables and powder hose which allows for quick color changes (very easy to clean). Sustainability Ergonomic design - user-friendly and...

Product features

Maximum Fluid Outlet 200 (6.76) cc/min (oz/min)
Maximum Air Pressure 7 (102) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 10 (5.89) m3/h (cfm)
Weight 495 (17.46) g (oz)

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