Manual Workstations

Optimised interaction between man and machine.


Are you looking for a flexible means of increasing your production and would thereby like to find out about a proven investment? Manual workstations from ruhlamat based on the Chaku Chaku principle provide the best solution to support you here. The worker assumes only the transport of workpieces from station to station for solutions based on the Chaku Chaku principle. The stations themselves work fully, or at least semi-automatically, where cycle time differences between the stations are absorbed by buffers. Manual workstations can be an ideal solution particularly in the case of uncertain part quantity forecasts since it can be the most flexible method of responding to fluctuations in part numbers thanks to different deployment of personnel (single or multi-station operation). The manual workstations from ruhlamat can be planned jointly with the customer taking into account the prospective issue of quantities. As a result, subsequent expansion with linear transfer systems or...

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