e-Jet 2 NDT is designed to be used for the Non Destructive Testing process. e-Jet 2 NDT system is compact, and stable. Due to its lowered center of gravity and large back wheels, it is easy to move and use in all circumstances. Low & consistent flow Optimal coverage High transfer efficiency Performance High transfer efficiency gun with stable pattern Very small and regular flow for developer application No puffing Productivity Additional control for increased flow rate Sustainability Proven maintenance ability from the e-Jet 2 40 years of Sames proven solutions with all French Aerospace, OEM(s) and Sub-contractors.

Product features

Maximum Fluid Outlet 200 (6.76) cc/min (oz/min)
Maximum Air Pressure 7 (102) bar (psi)
Air Consumption 12 (7.06) m3/h (cfm)
Weight 4800 (169.32) g (oz)

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