Manual tabletop bag sealers FPS/FPS-C

Impulse manual bag sealers length 200-1000 mm with/without cutting, sealing 2 mm
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Impulse manual bag sealers machines FPS series are the simplest and most economical series of sealers machines. The model FPS-C is equipped with a cutter for trimming the envelope. This system allows you to pack products with different lengths and then performing the trimming of the bag, leaving no protruding edges and unsightly. This model is only available in sizes 300 and 400 mm. The sealers FPS/FPS-C are suited to a medium-low production and allow the closing of plastic bags without folding, with maximum thickness of 0.15 mm (0.30 mm total). The sealing is by impulse (the resistance heats for a few seconds) and can be adjusted by timer. The sealing cycle is generally 3 seconds and is indicated by an indicator light. These sealers has a sealing width of 2 mm.

  • Package sealing machinery
  • Impulse manual bag sealers
  • manual heat sealers
  • closing of plastic bags

Product characteristics

Example model
FPS 300
Sealing bar
mm. 300
Sealing width
mm. 2


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12050 Guarene - Italy