Mara 100 rPET
Mara 100 rPET made of 100 % recycled polyester  - GÜTERMANN GMBH


This microfilament twisted thread made of 100 % recycled polyester for impressive assembly and holding seams is used for fine and medium-grade fabrics and for swimwear, lightweight sports and leisure clothing. It is distinguished by its very high sewing dependability and excellent tensile strength and wear resistance. Fine cross-section for a extreme seam softness / Very high tensile strength and wear resistance for durable seams / Drastic reduction of dust deposits on machine components / Sewability with constant sewing tensions due to round, even cross-section / No fibre fly and no abrasion.

Threads and yarns, artificial and synthetic
  • Microfilament

Product features

Material 100 % Polyester recycled
Thread construction Micro Core Technology®
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