This unique cosmetic has a pearly texture. Its smooth texture allows for fast absorption by the skin without leaving a greasy film. You can feel an immediate moisturizing effect on the skin. Marine collagen, derived from dogfish is a powerful moisturizer that will regenerate the superficial layers of the skin. Upon absorption skin regains radiance and vitality. The principal characteristics of Marine Collagen is to restore the elasticity and tone of the skin. Aloe Vera is one of the most remarkable ingredients for cell renewal. This Complex is extremely soft and protective. It is also a natural astringent, and the Glycerin moisturizes and softens the skin. Marine Collagen Moisturizer, Regenerating, enhances the complexion. Aloe Vera Moisturizer, protective. Vegetable Glycerin Moisturizing, softening. On a perfectly cleansed skin, apply moisturizing complex daily to the entire face and neck, and before any sun care cream. Recommended also for men. Expiration date after opening 12...

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