Masking tape 'Gold' 100°C


Masking tape of the new generation. Can be used with all water and solvent based automotive paints. Solvent and water resitant. Excellent adhesion on all surfaces, also on plastics and rubber. More flexible than traditional masking tape. Can easily be used in soft curves and can in this case replace fine line tape. Heat resistant: 30 minutes at 100°C. Suitable for oven drying. Ultra thin carrier (0,08 mm): Japanese flat paper (also called rice paper). Adhesive strength on steel: 82 N/25mm. Saves a considerable amount of time during disassembly and assembly. Never leaves traces of glue, not even on polycarbonite of head and tail lights. Reference Description Box pal FOL 819 masking tape - 19mm x 50m - 48pcs 1 84 FOL 825 masking tape - 25mm x 50m - 36pcs 1 84 FOL 830 masking tape - 30mm x 50m - 32pcs 1 48 FOL 838 masking tape - 38mm x 50m - 24pcs 1 84 FOL 850 masking tape - 50mm x 50m - 18pcs 1 36

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