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Beds, bedsteads and mattresses
  • Accessories for mattresses
  • adhesive labels
  • embroidered labels

Product features

Mattress Label 1000 pcs.
Mattress Sticker 1000 pcs.
Bed Labels 1000 pcs.
Bed Sticker 1000 pcs.
Customized Mattress Label 1000 pcs.
Customized Mattress Sticker 1000 pcs.
Customized Bed Label 1000 pcs.
Customized Bed Sticker 1000 pcs.
Barcodes For Mattress Industry 1000 pcs.
Barcodes For Mattress Manufacturers 1000 pcs.
Barcodes Fro Mattress Factories 1000 pcs.
Bedding Labels 1000 pcs.
Bedding Stickers 1000 pcs.

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Mattress Label By Berfa Group

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