A homogeneous compaction of the formed mat is indispensable because this is the only way to realise high production speeds and smooth mat transfer to the ContiRoll®. Adequate compaction is provided by the prepress suitable for the production of MDF from 1 to 42 mm. Features, function Two air evacuation zones, the angles and levels of which are adjustable 1.1. zone 1 with a long degassing section incl. a dust extraction system (optional) 1.2. zone 2, medium-pressure zone and degassing via pressure rollers High-pressure zone incl. pressure rollers and hydraulic position control Three circulating belts 1.1. upper air evacuation belt for the degassing zone incl. motorised belt tracking 1.2. perforated press belt (top strand) for the medium- and high pressure zones 1.3. press belt (lower strand) to relieve the circulating forming belt Belt cleaning systems incl

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Sienpelkamp Mdf Prepress
  • Sienpelkamp
  • Mdf Mat

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