Conductivity measurement in production of stranded aluminium power cables Features Cut probe measurement of stranded aluminium Works for pure or alloy aluminium Stranded copper measurement with same clamping device Control for foolproof measurement in the production process Evaluation and data protocol recording PC software Product data Model 2383 Cross-sections 1 ... 2500 mm 2 Description Aluminium The new challenge of measuring large cross section stranded probes Fast oxidation and bad conductivity between different strands > very high magnitude, reproducable and value controlled clamping force needed. Even current distribution in conductor requires typically factor of 20 (length/diameter) > probe length 3 to 4 meters (typical for cross sections larger 500 mm 2), and accordingly requirement for same length clamping device. Wire entangling of cut probe > device to twist probe back to original condition. This is why we developed our new wire holding device model 2383. It will work

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