HVP500 is a precision high voltage probe designed to measure DC voltages up to 100kV. Easy to read display - display of 4 1/2" digit display Portable - protected by a foam lined aluminum case Factory calibrated to NIST standards HVP500 consists of a removable probe containing high voltage resistors and a 4 1/2” digit display. The probe resistors are very high resistance to minimize loading of the high voltage being measured. The removable probe screws into the hand-held base and comes with (2) removable ips - including a ball and a cone. This portable hand-held unit comes in a foam lined aluminum case that is lockable.

Product features

Weight 1.6 (3.5) kg (lbs)
Length 130 mm
Height 120 mm
Width 170 mm
Accuracy in Normal Conditions +/- 0.1 %

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