Ingredients: 86% beef, drinking water, soy protein, onion, garlic powder, spices and herbs mixture, table salt. Preparation: A little oil in the pan to 160 to 180 ° C heat. Mini meatballs on medium level of each side fry about 2 to 4 minutes. Halve tomatoes and rub on a grater, discard tomato skins. The mini meatballs in a laying glass pyrex dish (with lid) and overcooked tomatoes about pour. The potato wedges and place in between the mini meatballs. The wash peppers and in all parts in the mini meatballs potatoes place. Now fill a small glass with water and pour over (so that the potatoes also thoroughly cooked). Serving suggestion: Serve wheat groats from the traditional stone mill and flat bread by peasants style and freshly prepared salad leaves and pickled hot peppers. Note: May contain traces of mustard seed, soy, gluten and celery. Manufactured processed in an operation of sesame.


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