The mechanical processing of the already cut parts – withering of edges after cutting, smoothing of welded seams and joints, polishing, grinding, are the necessary final steps in the processing of parts made of sheet materials. This type of treatment is recommended not only for visual and aesthetic purposes, but also to improve the quality of subsequent coatings. We have special, automatic and manual machines for mechanical processing, which meet the requirements of ISO 13715 for withering of all cutting edges. For small products we use trowalizing machines. The types of mechanical processing of metals allow different subsequent effects: polishing – mirror effect, satin finish (creasing) – brushed effect, matting – matte effect. In addition to the decorative purposes, we mechanically process many of the parts we produce after welding, in preparation for the application of subsequent coatings.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
  • Mechanical processing
  • sheet metal
  • polishing mirror effect mechanism
  • satin finish brushed effect mechanism
  • Matte effect Mechanism


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