Mediagel With Aloe Vera -

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Gel for ultrasound transmissions and therapy. Contains Aloe Vera latex. Used for patients with tender, sensitive skin, for transvaginal and endorectal sonographic transmissions, as well as in laser cosmetology. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, moistens the skin, and improves the condition of the skin and the mucous membrane. When performing ultrasound transmissions, the gel is applied directly to the transducer or the patient's body, is easy to spread over the skin, does not smear, and dries up slowly, ensuring a lasting sliding effect and a full contact between the transducer and the patient's body. After completing the transmission, the gel is easily removed with a tissue or rinsed off with water. The gel does not stain clothes, cause allergy or damage the transducers, and is water-soluble.

Product information

Brookfield 23.0–31.0 Pa•s (equivalent viscosity 12.0–16.0 Pa•s at a shear rate of (16.8±0.3)s-1)
Acoustic impedance
1.54×10*5 g/cm2×s
Shelf life
3 years
1 box - 4 canisters (5 kg each) / 20 bottles (1 kg each) / 40 bottles (0.25 kg each).