Medical Waste Shredder (ES-S5650) ES-S1050 is one 20 years history medical waste shredder.we sold to more than 50 countries for more than 200 customers for shredding the organic waste like:fruits,vegetable,waste food,kitchen waste,bio waste.the output from 1 tons to 30tons per hour.our shredder comes the re-set function,which will prote the gears and axis and blades.the robust machine structure support the heavy shredding. ES-S5650 Medical Waste Shredder Official Photo ES-S5650 Application ● Waste medicine ● Infusion tube ● Syringes ● Medicine bottle ● Expired drugs ● Your Waste? ES-S8550 Raw Material And End Products

Industrial waste management
  • Hopistal Waste Shredder
  • Medical Waste Shredder
  • medical waste crusher

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