We offer medical furniture, such as cupboards, file cabinets, desks and containers, particularly useful at healthcare institutions, doctor’s offices, clinics, etc.: - suspended cupboards with a single door or sliding doors with shelves made of safety glass, - standing cupboards with a single door fitted with a cam lock, - file cabinets for any type of document in a standardized format, equipped with a system that prevents more than one drawer from being opened at the same time, - desks and containers, e.g. free-standing drawer cabinets, drawer cabinets suspended under desks, or cabinets that can be put under a desktop containing any number of drawers of various depths. We also make non-standard cupboards and other medical furniture according to the Client’s reqiurements or furniture made of acid resistant metal.

Metal furniture
  • Medical Furniture
  • Storage of documents
  • Storage in medical offices

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