Medical grade polymer stock shapes

PP PPSU PEI PC UHMW PE implantable and non-implantable polymers


Westlake Plastics manufactures medical grade polymer stock shapes in rods and sheets for orthopaedic trial parts and instruments, dental applications and other surgical tools and accessories requiring medical grade standards and biocompatibility. Within its range of medical grade polymers, Westlake offers: - Polycarbonate (PC) gamma sterilized under its Zelux® GS brand name - Polyetherimid (PEI) under its Tempalux® brand name - Polypropylen (PP) under its Propylux® brand name - Polyphenylsulfon (PPSU) under the Radel® brand name - Ultra High-Molecular Weight Polethylen (UHMW-PE) under its Lennite® brand name These polymers can be used for various medical and surgical tools, knee / hip / shoulder trial parts for orthopaedic implant kits and various other medical grade applications (sterilizable cases and containers) requiring high biocompatibility specifications (USP Class VI and ISO10993).

Plastic products for the medical industry
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  • orthopaedic surgery
  • orthopaedics and traumatology

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