Medsenger.AI - remote patients monitoring

Systemof using artificial intelligence tools for remote patients monitoring


The platform allows to connect specialized intelligent agents to the remote dialogue “patient-doctor”, which realize a certain set of functions relevant for this patient in automatic mode (but under the supervision of the attending physician).For patients with hypertension, this platform can be used as a control of blood pressure and medication;for cancer patients – monitoring of their condition and well-being;for pregnant women – control of health parameters and reminders of necessary studies and visits to doctors.Also Medsenger.AI platform can be used by third-party developers to create special intelligent agents that solve specific medical problems, providing remote monitoring, control, counseling and patient management. Wherein, developers implement only an intelligent algorithm that solves a medical problem, and all communication, organizational and technical aspects of interaction with patients, doctors and medical organizations are provided by the Medsenger.AI platform.

  • remote patients monitoring
  • telemedicine service
  • Patient telemonitoring

Product features

Telemedicine segment Patient - doctor
Remote consultation type Remote consultation of patients with their doctors
The main principle Asynchrony
Devices where service can be used Web, Android, iOS
Functionality Use of intelligent agents
Types Of Intelligent Agents Passive agents that filter the patient's questions and answer those that can be answered
Types Of Intelligent Agents Active agents, that analyze responses and connecting a doctor only in case of serious deviations

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