Melange Knit Fabrics

Single jersey, Rib, Interlock, Warp knitted, spacer fabrics


Single jersey, rib, interlock melange fabrics. Melange (or heather effect) is 2 or 3-tone effect achieved by special dyeing process on knit fabrics. We have over 50 different melange effects on knitted fabrics. Melange is often used to represent the kind of effect on fabric surface. Melange or heather effect is achieved either; – through dyed yarn effect – through dyeing technique Melange or cationic yarns are dyed to exact colour and melange effect intended during yarn texturising or spinning. Polyester DTY and FDY cationic yarns are used for polyester compositions. Polyester spun, viscose spun yarns are also employed for melange effect knit fabrics. No subsequent dyeing is needed for coloured melange yarns after knitting. Melange yarns produced in raw white form are dyed to exact pantone colour after knitting. Melange yarns (or cationic) are inherently given the melange effect intended after dyeing and finishing.

Plush fabrics
  • polyester fabrics
  • Cotton fabrics
  • spun yarns
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