Melt pump - BOOSTER

Melt pump - BOOSTER


The reliable booster pump for the polymer process. BOOSTER gear pumps from WITTE are used in the polymerisation process to increase the pressure of medium to high viscosity media. The hydraulically heated booster pump conveys very gently prepolymers and polymers, such as PET, PBT, PS, ABS and many others. Heating is by means of heat transfer oil or steam. The core components such as shafts and slide bearings come from the WITTE modular system. The booster pumps of the BOOSTER series are used wherever particularly high pressure is required for the process. High pressures are required for pelletising, fibre production or for spinning pumps, among others. The design of the BOOSTER booster pumps can be adapted to the needs of the plant and the customer's requirements.

Gear pumps
  • High-pressure gear pump
  • High-pressure melt pump

Product features

Media for melt
Operation motorless
Priming under load
Technology gear
Domain industrial
Other characteristics high-pressure

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