Melt pump - POLY-AT

Melt pump for polymer production


The POLY-AT design offers exceptional flexibility when it comes to installations beneath the polymer melting reactor. Customers can choose from three different flange geometries to ensure they are always benefiting from the best combination of reactors and pump flanges from both a technical and economical perspective. The new gear geometries facilitate differential pressures of up to 320 bar for selected pump sizes. What’s more, the new design is rounded out with the usual variety of different material combinations. The most common of these combinations has to be a stainless-steel or carbon-steel housing with tool steel or aluminium-bronze friction bearings.

Gear pumps
  • melt pump polymer processing
  • melt pump polymer extraction
  • melt polymer reactor

Product features

Media for melt,polymer
Operation electrically-actuated
Priming self-priming
Technology gear
Domain industrial
Other characteristics stainless steel,bronze,carbon steel

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