Membrane filter presses have a great influence on the dryness of the solid by using membrane technology in the filter plates. Compared to conventional filtration processes, it achieves the lowest residual moisture values in the filter cake. This makes the membrane filter press a powerful and the most widely used system. MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY AS A SOLUTION – IF TIME AND DEGREE OF DEWATERING ARE CRUCIAL Depending on the degree of dewatering, different dry matter contents ( – percentage by weight of dry material in the filter cake) can be achieved in the filter cake by squeezing with membrane plates. The range of achievable dry matter contents extends from 30 to over 80 percent. Membrane filter presses not only offer the advantage of an extremely high degree of dewatering; they also reduce the filtration cycle time by more than 50 percent on average, depending on the suspension. This results in faster cycle and turnaround times, which lead to an increase in productivity.

Drainage systems and equipment
  • filter press
  • sludge dewatering
  • membrane filter press

Product features

Product Features High degree of dry matter
Product Features Simple & economical filtration
Product Features High degree of configuration
Product Features Compact and robust design
Product Features High security level
Product Features Low maintenance
Product Features Long life span
Product Features Reduced pump wear

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