Membrane-based Filter Elements Epm.k+

Membrane-based filter elements


EPM.K+ filter element based on positively charged (Zeta potential) polyamide membrane for removal of endotoxins and viruses from pharmaceutical class water systems. Positively charged membrane surface ensures retention of not only particles and microorganisms, but also bacterial endotoxins (pyrogenes), viruses and molecules that are not retained by a standard sterilizing microfilter. EPM.K+ membranebased filter elements are produced in accordance with the regulatory technical documents on product quality and are certified for use in the filtration processes of biopharmaceutical solutions. All EPM.K+ filter elements are subjected to wash out from organic and mechanical impurities with highpurity water and to 100% integrity control. Wash out, integrity control, drying, final assembly and packaging of membranebased filter elements is carried out in special clean rooms (ISO class 5, 6 and 7) according to the classification of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Product features

Membrane Nylon6+66 with positive Zeta potential
Prefilter membrane Nylon6+66 with positive Zeta potential
Draining layer Polypropylene
Body, end parts, adapter Polypropylene
Supporting (encapsulated) adapter ring Stainless steel
O-rings Silicone (other materials available)
Maximal differential pressure, Mpa 0.5 MPa at 20°C, 0.2 MPa at 80°C
Maximal reverse differential pressure, Mpa 0,1 при 20°C
Maximal operational temperature, °C 80 ° C
Direct flow wash out Hot water (up to 80 °C) and chemical agents
Steam sterilization 121°С, 0.12 MPa, 30 min., 20 cycles
Autoclaving 121°С, 0.12 MPa, 30 min., 10 cycles

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