Active in every part of life – avoid testosterone deficiency Information from specialist literature for the use of Men’s Formula T6 Men’s Formula T 6: Activated fenugreek contains 185mg steroidal saponin Testosterone – the important hormone for men – vitality, vigour, and productivity Among the main reasons for a loss of vitality and libido is a reduction in the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone controls sexuality, fertility, energy, and power. It is responsible for an increase in muscle mass and muscle power. Testosterone encourages burning fat and is important for bones and joints. Skin and hair also benefit from testosterone. What is crucial, however, is not just the testosterone level but the availability of ‘free’ testosterone. This part in particular is active and effective. The processed, activated fenugreek extract with a high level of steroidal saponins in the Men’s Formula T6 increases the amount of free testosterone in the body naturally.

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