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We create the most durable and beautiful metal furniture ever Metal elements and decors in furniture play a leading role in the design of modern interiors. At the same time, reliable, durable metal structures are able to withstand the noticeable continuous daily load of the HoReCa segment. That is why, where the style solution allows, the owners of food courts, fast foods, hotels, bars, public places with high traffic, etc. try to use stylish and environmentally friendly metal furniture. Yes, we are virtuosos in woodworking, but we are also professionals in metalworking. Our powerful metal cutting, machining, welding and painting workshop is capable of producing industrial scale quantities with consistent ZOKKO quality. We design and manufacture furniture and metal products for the B2B segment, namely metal chairs and tables (with a possible combination of materials - wood, chipboard, stone, etc.) metal beds, single and bunk beds shelves, whatnots