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We offer customized metal parts from the smallest precision parts until complex housing parts. •Die-cast parts •Punched parts •Deep-drawn parts •Turned parts •Milled parts •Wire parts •Electrical contacts, plug contacts, pin contacts •Springs: tension springs, contact springs, torsion springs, compression springs, micro springs •Precision stamping and bent parts On the basis of your sample, your specification or technical drawing, we will create an individual offer and support you during the project. We advise you on the selection of suitable materials and offer cost reduction options. We offer you an active co-operation in the development and construction and give suggestions for improvement. For an offer we need: •technical drawing, sketch or pattern •technical specifications, equipment extras •required amount Please send following informations to: One of our engineering experts will contact you asap.

  • deep-drawn metal parts
  • metal products and small parts
  • small metal precision parts

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