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China Sheet Metal Stamping Parts Factory custom produce Aluminum,Carbon & Stainless Steel,Brass & Copper Stamping Parts as per customers’ drawing or samples. Have custom many kinds of metal stamping parts,such as sheet metal stamping clamps, metal seals, sheet metal brackets, sheet metal holder,console cover,sheet metal frames,spring clip, steel plates,shelf,Square/ Rectangular washers, metal stamped PCBA front Panel, pressed-in hole parts by PEM studs,nuts & fasteners, screw and pin welded stamping housings. Materials can be stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum alloy,brass & copper,etc Finshing Operations: Forming, Bending,Deburring, Tapping,Riveting,Welding Surface Finish: zinc plating,chromed,nickel plating,oiled,painting,powder coating,hot-galvanizing,heat treatment & blackening,etc Mould Accuracy is 0.01mm-0.05mm We are professional metal stamping supplier from China, we custom sheet metal stamping parts for foreign customers more than 15 years.

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Product features

Mould steel DC53,SKD11,SKH9,Cr12,45#Steel, WC
Mould style Single-station dies, Multi-station dies, Progresssive dies,Deep Drawing Dies
Finshing Operations Forming, Bending,Deburring, Tapping,Riveting,Welding
Mould Accuracy 0.01mm-0.05mm
Surface treatment Anodizing,chrome / zinc / nickel /Tin plating,blackening,painting,powder coating,hot-dip galvanizing
Leadt Time 15-30days for samples,30-60 for mass production
Available Certificates COC (material certificate), Test Report, ROHS / SGS, plating report or coating reports

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